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Why Choose DEW Distribution Services as Your 3PL Provider

Our 3PL Providers find Competitive Freight Shipping & Trucking QuotesWhy you should choose DEW as your 3PL provider? First and foremost, we save you both time and money while providing on time deliveries for all of your freight shipments. As an experienced 3PL company, we understand the ever increasing pressures that our customers are under to get their freight shipments moved in an efficient and timely manner and at the least possible costs. Therefore, whether it is moving an LTL, quarter, half, or full truckload shipment that you need, we have the expertise to meet your needs. As a non-asset based 3PL provider with partnerships with a variety of carriers across the country and in Canada, we have the flexibility and access to the equipment to meet your transportation needs on your terms.

If you would like to learn more about why customers choose our 3PL company for handling all of their freight shipping and transportation needs, please contact us online or by phone at 800-837-3391. We look forward to working with you as your trusted 3PL provider!

Benefits of Choosing DEW as your 3PL Provider

Access to Excellent Carriers with One Phone Call to our 3PL Provider

Call Our 3PL for your Trucking and Transportation NeedIn today’s largely deregulated shipping environment, many excellent regional transportation carriers and private trucking fleets are available with empty equipment and reliable drivers to meet your shipping needs at any given time. However, in many instances it is not economical for them to have sales representatives in every area. Therefore, these companies must trust third party logistics (3PL) companies, like DEW Distribution to fill this marketing void.

As an experienced 3PL company, DEW Distribution has contracts in place with over 15,000 carriers. These contracts allow our customers access to receive excellent service at some of the most competitive rates available. Additionally, as your 3PL provider, our contract and $100,000 TIA Performance Certified Bond will protect you from any potential form of balance due bill.

Personalized Service from our 3PL Company Staff

While we are a 3PL company, we view ourselves as an extension of your organization. Therefore, we take a personal interest in each and every shipment that we handle as your 3PL provider. We will work with you to select the equipment and service level that is best suited for your transportation requirements, and we will promise and deliver open and honest communication regarding every shipment so that you will never be in the dark. Some of the ways our 3PL company offers personalized service include:

  • Scheduling pickup and delivery service at no extra cost
  • Using dedicated carrier equipment and drivers who care
  • Offering minimal handling of shipments so that 95% of our freight “Loads to Ride”

Unmatched Follow Through for Every Shipment that our 3PL Company Handles

Unlike some 3PL companies who only set up transportation for your shipment, we will monitor your shipment continuously from pickup to delivery. Should any issues arise along the way, a dedicated member of our logistics team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you need availability, rates, proof of delivery, or any other information regarding your shipment, our 3PL company is here for you. Additionally, thanks to the implementation and utilization of the latest technology, we allow our customers the convenience of tracking shipments online.

Experienced & Professional 3PL Staff

At our 3PL company, we have the experienced staff to meet your needs during every stage of planning and monitoring your shipment. This includes experienced sales, dispatch, and customer service personnel who utilize the latest fully computerized operations systems in order to offer excellent service.

Contingent Cargo Insurance offered for All Loads our 3PL Company Handles

As a leading 3PL provider, protecting our customer’s assets is a priority. Therefore, we offer contingent cargo insurance up to $100,000 for all of the shipping and transportation loads that we handle. This is in addition to the $100,000 of primary coverage provided by the carrier. Additional insurance is also available for high value loads that we ship.

Commitment to a Greener Supply Chain

We understand that a greener supply chain starts at the very core of our business: our transportation services. Therefore, in an effort to help our customers improve the efficiency of their supply chains, our 3PL company takes several steps. First, we make every effort to team up with vendors, agencies, and customers that share a similar concern for the environment as our 3PL company. We have also put several programs into place that help us contribute to this goal of increased supply chain and transportation efficiency. These green initiatives include:

  • Utilizing private fleet backhaul capacity to reduce empty miles
  • Re-routing equipment in order to reduce empty miles
  • Performing cost analyses on projects to determine if rail transit is appropriate
  • Switching traffic from truck to rail when possible

To learn more about why customers choose our 3PL company for freight shipping services, contact us today!