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Refrigerated Trucking Services: Temperature Controlled Freight Transportation

Refrigerated Trucking Services: Request a Freight Shipping QuoteWhen it comes to transporting temperature sensitive cargo, there are a number of important challenges that need to be addressed in order to ensure safe transportation. At DEW Distribution Services, we work with our network of carriers to provide temperature controlled transportation using refrigerated trucks and intermodal reefer containers to any point in the United States and Canada. As experienced third party providers, we understand that food, beverages, and other perishable shipments can spoil or become dangerous if they are not kept at their required temperature and transported in a timely manner. Therefore, when managing your refrigerated truck shipments, we will work closely with carriers to ensure safe transportation.

To request a quote to have any temperature sensitive shipments transported via refrigerated truck or temperature controlled intermodal container, contact us by phone at 800-837-3391 or complete our online freight quote request form.

Why Choose DEW for Refrigerated Trucking Service

Refrigerated Trucking for Temperature Controlled & Sensitive ShipmentsAt DEW Distribution, we are aware of the many challenges associated with transporting your temperature sensitive shipment in a refrigerated truck or container. These can include special temperature restrictions, strict time schedules, and other special handling requirements. Therefore, we work closely with each of our carriers to ensure that all refrigerated trucks are maintained properly and exceed safety requirements before they pick up any loads that we tender to them. We are able to foster an on-time delivery of temperature controlled products that is unmatched in our industry and we strive for perfection with every shipment.

For added security, we insure all loads transferred in refrigerated trucks and containers by our carriers with contingent cargo coverage for up to $100,000, including mechanical unit breakdown. This is in addition to the $100,000 primary cargo coverage provided by the carrier. We offer additional insurance available at and extra cost for high value loads.

Challenges of Shipping Temperature Sensitive Freight with Refrigerated Trucks

A refrigerated truck or container can be used to transport all types of temperature sensitive cargo including refrigerated or frozen foods or beverages as well as a complete variety of other temperature sensitive products. Some of the special considerations and challenges that are associated with transporting shipments in a refrigerated truck include:

  • Safety: When it comes to transporting food and beverage shipments, we understand the importance of safety and reliability. Our carriers realize that certain food, beverage, and other perishable shipments can spoil or become dangerous if not properly transported. Therefore, special precautions are made.
  • Protection from Freeze & Weather Fluctuations: Many shipments transported in refrigerate trucks or containers need to be kept between a specific temperature range in order to protect from freeze or spoilage. Our carriers are able to ensure protection for your shipments through all sorts of weather fluctuations.
  • Timely Delivery: Many of the shipments that are transported via refrigerated truck or container have strict time restrictions as the products can spoil or become dangerous if not transported in a timely manner. Therefore, emphasis is put on timely delivery.

Request a Freight Quote for Temperature Sensitive Refrigerated Truck Shipments

To request a freight quote for any refrigerated truck or temperature sensitive shipment, please contact us today! With our reliable and trusted refrigerated truck carriers, our goal is to ensure safe and timely delivery for any food, beverage, frozen, perishable, or other temperature sensitive shipment.