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LTL Carriage: Affordable LTL Shipping Service

Find LTL Carriers for Less-Than-Truckload Shipping ServicesLTL shipping is the transportation of less than full truckload shipments using dry vans or refrigerated trucks. The rates for transporting LTL shipments are determined based on the freight class, weight, pick up and destination points and other additional services needed.

LTL carriers can typically save customers money on less than truckload shipments since fuel and transportation costs are split between multiple parties. Therefore, LTL shipping can be a wise and affordable choice for transporting many types of shipments.

At DEW Distribution, we have developed a network of LTL carriers who we can depend on and who specialize in the movement ofless than truckload shipments. When you work with DEW Distribution Services for finding LTL carriers, receiving quotes for less than truckload freight shipments is fast, easy, and free. Our LTL carriers and partners can transport LTL shipments as small as one pallet or larger bulk LTL shipments throughout the continental United States and Canada. To request a freight quote for LTL shipments from our trusted LTL carriers, please contact us directly by phone at 800-837-3391 or request a freight quote using our online quote request form.

Utilize DEW Distribution to Find LTL Carriers for Your LTL Shipments

Get LTL Shipping Freight Rates from LTL CarriersWhen you choose to work with DEW Distribution to find reliable LTL carriers , you will not only have access to some of the best possible rates for your shipment, but you will also find peace of mind that your shipment will be transported as promised.

We are the experts when it comes to shipping partial loads. Therefore, with just one phone call we will help you find the best rate and the fastest transit time available for any shipment using our network of trusted LTL carriers.

When you work with DEW Distribution to find affordable and reliable LTL carriers for your LTL shipments, you will receive:

  • Affordable LTL Shipping: Because we have built lasting relationships with many LTL carriers , we are able to find you the most competitive LTL rates from carriers you know you can trust.
  • Volume / Bulk LTL Discounts: For volume / bulk LTL shipments that exceed 7,000 pounds and/or 7 pallets, DEW can offer special discounted rates.
  • Security & Peace of Mind: Over ninety-five percent (95%) of our less than truckload shipments are transported directly from pick-up to delivery point. Not only does this improve transit time dramatically, but the reduction in handling also means more security for your shipment as there is a reduced risk of damage to your freight. We provide contingent cargo insurance of up to $100,000. This is in addition to the cargo coverage of the same amount provided by the carrier. Additional insurance is available for high value loads.
  • Complete LTL Services: We can accommodate services beyond the typical dock-to-dock transportation performed by most LTL carriers . These special services available for your convenience include lift gates, appointment setting, and inside pickup and deliveries.

LTL Shipping Service Areas to the United States and CanadaGreen: next day service
Red: 2 days
Yellow: 3 days
Orange: 4 days
Blue: 5 days

Request a Freight Quote from Our Team of LTL Carriers

If you would like to learn more about working with DEW Distribution to facilitate the handling of any LTL shipment, please contact us. We can provide freight quotes for any size LTL shipment to any destination in the continental United States or Canada with our trusted LTL carriers . To receive your free freight quote for LTL shipping, complete our online quote request form or call us today.