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Intermodal Transportation Services to the U.S. & Canada

Intermodal Transportation Services & Freight ShippingIntermodal transportation, or shipping cargo and freight by rail, is a more economical and better choice for the environment than traditional over-the-road transportation. This type of freight transportation offers reduced fuel consumption and results in a number of benefits for companies shipping freight over long distances. Therefore, this is becoming an increasingly popular choice for companies that need to transport a variety of types of goods across the country. DEW Distribution has contracts to provide any type of intermodal equipment in order to handle your intermodal transportation needs. Whether you need a 48’ container, 53’ container, or a temperature controlled container for intermodal transportation, we have access to the equipment that you need when you need it.

To request a freight quote for intermodal transportation for any type of shipment, contact us online, complete our online freight request form, or call us at 800-837-3391.

Intermodal Transportation: An Economical & Environmentally Friendly Shipping Choice

Intermodal transportation is often a better choice for your long haul shipments across the United States than over-the-road trucking because it is both more environmentally friendly and more cost effective. Therefore, choosing intermodal transportation can save you money and will help your company take an important step toward being more environmentally responsible. Added transit time may be required versus over the road on shipments not involving major cities.

Benefits of Intermodal Transportation Services from DEW Distribution

  • Reduced Fuel Consumption: The primary advantage of intermodal transportation is reduced fuel consumption. Freight trains use roughly 3-4 times less diesel fuel than trucks. This reduced fuel consumption is beneficial for the environment as it reduces the negative impact that cross country freight transportation can have.
  • Increased Efficiency: With intermodal transportation, containers can be double stacked, and therefore, many containers can be moved at one time. This is much more efficient than transporting containers or truckloads one at a time by truck and can be especially effective when truckload capacity is tight.
  • Reduced Transportation Costs: Because intermodal transportation allows more containers to be transported at one time and it is more fuel efficient, it can result in significant cost savings. Therefore, customers will see dramatically lower shipping costs especially on long-distance shipments.
  • Increased Security: Intermodal transportation is inherently a safer and more secure form of freight transportation than over-the-road trucking as many of the potential risks for accidents or breakdowns are reduced. Additionally, double-stacking intermodal containers will also help restrict access and further protect cargo during transit.
  • Nationwide Distribution: Intermodal transportation makes transporting containers and shipments across the United States simple and hassle free. Additionally, the further trains travel, the more you will save on transportation when using intermodal transportation.

Learn More About Our Intermodal Transportation Services

Request a Freight Rate for Intermodal Tranportation ServicesWhen you arrange shipments intermodal with DEW Distribution, you will work with knowledgeable intermodal transportation experts. Our team will see your rail shipment through from pickup to delivery ensuring safe, reliable, and timely service. We provide contingent cargo insurance on all intermodal transportation shipments for up to $100,000. This is in addition to the $100,000 primary coverage provided by the railroads. Additional insurance is also available for high value loads at an added cost.

To learn more about the benefits of intermodal transportation services or to request a quote for any intermodal freight shipping service, contact us today!