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Dry Van Shipping at Affordable Freight Rates

Dry van shipping is the most common form of freight transportation used within the United States and Canada. A dry van is a standard trailer or container that is used to carry freight, which has been packed in boxes or loaded on pallets or can otherwise be secured within the trailer. Dry van shipping is typically available at affordable freight rates and is an optimal choice for any cargo that does not require temperature control and can fit into a standard trailer.

Affordable Freight Rates for Dry Van Shipments: Intermodal & Trucking ServicesAt DEW Distribution, we work with trusted carriers to find the most affordable freight rate for any dry van shipment. If you need to ship something to any destination in the continental United States or Canada at the most affordable freight rate or you need to find a carrier for affordable expedited shipments, our team can help you. To request a freight rate for dry van shipping service, please contact an associate at 800-837-3391 or complete our online freight quote request form.

From Finding the Best Freight Rate to Monitoring Shipments: We Handle It All

At DEW Distribution, we understand that your focus should be on the core areas of your business and that you do not have time to worry about logistics and finding the best freight rate for each shipment. Therefore, our team is trained to handle every aspect of your shipment so that you can focus on growing your business.

Request a Freight Rate for Dry Van Trucking Shipments & DistributionWhen you trust your dry van shipments with DEW Distribution, we will not only get you the best freight rate, but we will also set appointments, and monitor the shipment throughout the move. Our logistics partners provide tracking information, which allows each customer to track their shipment throughout the move. Our customer service team can provide you with constant updates.

Additionally, for added security and peace of mind, we insure all loads up to $100,000 contingent cargo insurance over and above the $100,000 required as primary insurance from the carrier. Additional insurance is available for an extra cost for high value loads.

Affordable Freight Rates for Continental U.S. & Canada Dry Van Shipping

DEW Distribution has the operating authority to pick-up and deliver shipments anywhere within the Continental United States and Canada. With just one call, our knowledgeable team will match available trucks from our trusted carriers to your freight at the lowest possible freight rate.

When finding the best possible freight rate for your shipment, we will also consider intermodal transportation as an option for long shipments across the country. Intermodal transportation is a more efficient and environmentally friendly option for shipping dry van freight. It tends to be less expensive than over the road, but sometimes at an increase in transit times. Typically it is most economical when the points involved are larger cities.

Expedited Freight Shipping Rates

When you need expedited shipping service, we are available 24/7 to help you find an affordable freight rate. With one phone call to our office, we can have your urgent shipments on the road within a short time. DEW has many customers who rely on just-in-time shipments to keep their factories and warehouses operating. Therefore, we understand the impact of on time shipping for your business. Our professionals are dedicated to making sure that you get your shipments picked up and delivered as needed to ensure that your business can run smoothly.

Request a Freight Rate for Dry Van Shipping

If you would like to work with our team to find an affordable freight rate for any dry van shipment, please contact us today online or by phone at 800-837-3391. We look forward to working with you to help you find the affordable freight rates required in today’s competitive environment.