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Become One of One of Our Freight Carriers

Freight Carriers, Join Us Offering Freight Shipping, Trucking, & Transportation ServiceAt DEW Distribution Services, our specialty lies in matching our freight carriers’ equipment availability and services to our customers’ needs. We work with customers in a wide variety of industries to transport all types of shipments to destinations across the continental United States and Canada. Therefore, we need freight carriers from all around the country and in all specialties and areas of service to handle our customers’ freight shipping needs. As a non-asset-based third party logistics company, these relationships that we maintain with our carriers are critical to our continued success.

If you are interested in providing freight shipping services as one of our trusted freight carriers, please contact us online or by phone at 800-837-3391.

Benefits of Being One of Our Freight Carriers

Become one of our Freight Carriers for our Trucking & Logistics CompanyAt DEW Distribution we understand that our carriers are the backbone of our business. Therefore, we view our third party logistics company as an extension of our freight carriers’ organizations, and we treat each of our freight carriers with respect and honesty. Through our expertise and experience providing freight broker and third party logistics services, we are able to match our freight carriers’ available services to our customers’ shipping needs. This benefits freight carriers as it helps keep their drivers busy and on the move and can help them to grow their businesses in areas they would not otherwise be able to market.

Some of the benefits to freight carriers for working with our third party logistics company include:

  • Accurate Dispatching: With our years of experience and expertise, our dispatchers are able to monitor each shipment in detail. This includes aspects of the freight itself such as freight classification, weight, and packaging to specific requirements and procedures to follow for each of our freight carriers such as freight appointment or first-come, first served processes.
  • Advanced Freight Monitoring: We use the latest transportation technology to monitor each shipment that our freight brokers handle. Our customer service personnel can work with freight carriers should any issues arise and will communicate with customers throughout any shipment.
  • Predictable Shipments: Working with DEW Distribution as one of our trusted freight carriers can help make your operation more predictable, profitable, and successful. We use the latest technology to assign shipments to freight carriers. Therefore, we can call our freight carriers on the loads that are most relevant to their services.
  • Reliable Payment: When you book a load with DEW Distribution as one of our freight carriers you can rest assured that your carrier invoices will be paid in a timely manner. At DEW Distribution, we strongly believe in open and honest communication with customers and freight carriers. Therefore, although we are privately held, we publish our financial information to both Dunn & Bradstreet and the Red Book. We also are proud recipients of Compunet Credit Services “Gold Broker” Award and the Red Book Credit Services “Business Character Award” for the past twenty years.

Learn More About Becoming One of Our Freight Carriers

If you are a freight transporting company offering LTL shipping, full truckload transportation, intermodal transportation, refrigerated shipping, or any other trucking or transportation services throughout the United States and Canada and you are interested in joining in a partnership with DEW Distribution Services as one of our trusted freight carriers, please contact us by phone at 800-837-3391 or email at We look forward to working with you and building a lasting relationship to help grow your organization for years to come.